Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Countdown - Day 5 - Israel & India

Oh my goodness it was almost 80 degrees here today!  Wowsers!  This makes it awfully hard to keep in mind at ties that Christmas will soon be here!  With that said, though, we kept on our journey towards learning about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

Our Scripture reading today was Luke1:5-10.  The kids were quite excited that we are in the New Testament now.  They so did not want me to stop reading where we did :D  It makes my heart happy that they want to hear more of The Word, but I must admit, their whining and begging was not so pleasing!

We actually looked at two countries today.  The first was Israel.  Can you imagine celebrating Christmas in Israel????  So close to Bethlehem????  (Bethlehem is 5 miles south of Jerusalem, Israel).  And yet, so many there have missed the true Messiah!

The second country we looked at was India.  There they decorate banana or mango trees, rather than evergreen trees we are use to.  Candles and mangers are two common decorations.  In Mumbai, mangers are often displayed in the front windows of homes.

Our book for today was B Is for Bethlehem, by Isabel Wilner.  This is delightful book that tells the true reason for Christmas with each letter of the alphabet.  It is our first year reading it, and it is one that will be read in future years, for sure!

Since our book centered more around Israel, we decided to do a craft that centers around India.  We got our idea from The Golden Gleam and made Window Manger scenes.  The kids love to paint, so this was right up their alley, and much easier to clean up than our snowflake art from a couple days ago.  I am enjoying them using watercolor paints much more than the acrylic paints!

Dinner was also from India - yummy Chicken Korma!  Have I mentioned lately that I love making foods from different cultures????  Sadly, thinking about it, I think the only food that is specifically American would be processed junk and fast food :(  So very very sad!

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