Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Girl - Felicity

Felicity takes place around 1774.  What a fascinating series, giving young ladies a glimpse of life during the start of our nation!  We had a blast doing various activities for this series!

Week 1:
- Read book 1
- Virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg at http://www.history.org/visit/tourTheTown/flash.cfm
- Looked at pictures from our trip to Colonial Williamsburg a couple years prior
- Studied Colonial Williamsburg
- Made a mob cap
- Made straw hats

Week 2:
- Read book 2
- Look at the 13 colonies
- Made a quill pen and do copy work
- Make a sampler
- Have a tea party with Liberty Tea
- Make apple butter

Week 3:
- Read book 3
- Make a rag doll
- Made tussie mussies
- Practiced curtsies
- Made an invitation for a "party" and helped plan the menu
- Made a colonial breakfast of Johnny Cakes, with apple butter, Fried Ham with Gravy, Dressed Eggs, and Liberty Tea

Week 4:
- Read book 4
- Make tarts
- Needlework
- Make stars
- Read Welcome to Felicity's World 1774

Week 5:
- Read book 5
- Wrote a letter to a friend and sealed it with a homemade wax seal
- Looked into herbal medicines
- Made games, including Game of Graces and Cup & Ball
- Made folding fans

Week 6:
- Read book 6
- Made a sachet
- Made friendship pincushions
- Colonial Day Party - included Whipped Syllabub, Baked Pumpkin Pudding, Strawberry Flummery, Spiced Nuts, and Pennsylvania Dutch Potatoes Scalloped with Ham

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