Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living History Field Trip Day - Boone Hall

Each Fall, generally the second weekend of November, Boone Hall puts on a "Living History Field Trip Day," geared towards students.  Every year that we go, we learn more about that time period and the history behind the plantation.  The only thing more fascinating than reading about history is to see it "acted out" and explained "in person!" It is a day well spent with family and other "history lovers!"

We started off learning about the different flags the Confederacy used, and why they continued changing them.  For example, this first one looked too much like a surrendering flag.

Then we headed over and learned more about what life would be like as a young girl.  Here, a girl was dressed in the typical wardrobe of that time...

Then we walked through some of the various tents that were set up.

Here is a tent set up to make candles.

Then we headed over to the "post office" and got to stamp some postcards.

Next we headed over to the quilting area :)

There was a really sweet young lady playing the violin next to a campfire.

Here we went to visit the carpenter, and his wife, a seamstress with a really neat old sewing machine!

Then we headed across the field to the cannons.  After watching some go off, the boys had the opportunity to help some.

Here is the gorgeous house on the plantation <3 p="">

To end our day, we headed to the slave cabins that are still on the plantation and went over the history and artifacts found in them.  The stories are disheartening and yet encouraging at the same time!

It was a day full of fun.... but some were most definitely exhausted!

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