Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zoo around Christmas

Each year, a couple times a year, we make the trip to Riverbanks Zoo for a full day of fun!  We try to get there shortly after it opens, and do not leave until closing!  Around Christmas time, they have "Lights Before Christmas" - a time when the zoo reopens for a few hours after its normal time, so that you can visit some animals during the evening hours, see Christmas lights in the shape of animals, roast marshmallows, and have fun in some "snow" (it's fake, but as close we get for the most part :/) This past year it was COLD! I'm talking cold enough that we actually had to wear coats!  I'm not talking jackets, but true, honest-to-goodness coats!  Even with that, though, it was so worth the trip!  There are a few critters we love to visit, more than the others.... prepare to be inundated with photos :)


this baby still has her umbilical cord attached!


 Small Mammal Cave


Kangaroos and Wallabies



 My "monkeys"





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