Monday, April 22, 2013

Kaya Study

My oldest absolutely loves reading and crafts.... so one of our subjects for the year has been going through the different American Girl studies.  After much debate, we decided that though they are not all in Portraits of American Girlhood, we were going to start with the "first" one and go through the series in order.  So first up was Kaya.

Kaya is a young Nez Perce Native American in 1764.  For each of the six books in the series, we completed various activities.

Week 1: We read the first book, read "Welcome to Kaya's World, made a teepee, and drew an appaloosa horse.

Week 2:  We read book two, read "The Nez Perce and completed a worksheet on it, practiced braiding blindfolded, and worked on some basket weaving :)

Week 3: We read book three, worked on a worksheet, made clothing and moccasins for her American Girl doll, and made the bracelet from the American Girl kit.

Week 4: Read book 4, worked on a word puzzle, made a corn husk doll, and some pottery.

Week 5: We read book five, made raffia baskets, worked on string figures, and examined how in their culture learning from the elders was considered the norm.

Week 6: We read book six, played with the paper doll kit, worked on our Kaya lap book, and made a dream catcher.

Overall, I think she thoroughly enjoyed learning about Kaya!  Next up will be Felicity :)

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