Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FIAR - Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car

"Mr Gumpy's Motor Car," by John Burningham, was our second FIAR book we rowed.  Due to using it for reading exclusively, rather than as a unit study, we stretched it out over two weeks.  The kids enjoyed acting this story out :)

Week 1:
- We completed this book during the same time we were studying the United Kingdom.  This worked perfect for the geography portion of this book!
- We looked at the concepts of being social and cooperating.  We did different activities in which cooperation was a must in order for the project to be completed.
- We read "Little Red Hen"and discussed the similarities and differences between the books.
- Baked bread (to go along with "Little Red Hen")
- Worked on defining and using onomatopoeias in our personal speech and writings
- Drew sun rays in various ways
- Started a weather log

Week 2:
- Continued working on our weather logs
- Looked at drawing textures, shading, and cross hatching
- Drew our own pictures using the above techniques
- Studied friction and traction
- Made an english trifle
- Studied storm clouds and the various types of clouds

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