Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BFIAR - My Blue Boat

My Blue Boat, by Chris L. Demarest, is one of those books that I'm glad I found on amazon!  We only spent two weeks on this one, but could have easily taken a few "rabbit trails" and stretched it out longer!  The children still enjoy "reading" this one back to me!

Week 1:
- Read Psalm 107: 23-24
- Made paper boats out of blue construction paper
- Sailed said paper boats in our bathtub :)
- Watercolor resist pictures
- Blue scavenger hunts
- Painted/colored with blue
- Painted a sailboat with watercolors and glued it onto blue construction paper
- Made whale booklets
- Had a "picnic" on a blue blanket, while watching "Dolphin Tales".  We made boat shaped paper food baskets and put our dinner in those and also had blue italian ice with blue sails in them.

Week 2:
- Studied different ocean animals
- Bubble painted the letter B with blue paint
- Made a lighthouse using cups
- Looked at our SeaWorld pictures from a couple years ago
- Watched videos of humpback whales and blue whales on youtube
- Made egg carton whales
- Completed dolphin coloring pages
- Pretended one child was the blue boat dancing through the whales (the other kiddos) - each child had a turn being the "blue boat"

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