Friday, April 26, 2013

BFIAR - The Carrot Seed

This is a short, simple, and SWEET book!  The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss, is another one that my children like to "read" me over and over again, and to our company as well!  My four year old daughter puts it best... it is a book about "believing in something even when other people don't."  Okay - I need to work on her grammar a little, but seriously, she has the right concept!

We have found that we enjoy spending two weeks on each book, rather than the normal 5 days, so here was our weekly lessons:

Week 1:
- Read the book daily
- Drew a large bubble-letter "C" on a piece of computer paper, and decorated it with orange foam triangles, and colored on green tops
- Looked at different sizes with carrot cut-outs
- Colored plant stakes for our garden
- Discussed what seeds need to grow
- Seed mosaics

Week 2:
- Read the book daily
- Footprint Carrots (paint the feet orange, with green toes)
- Toilet paper roll carrots
- Planted seeds in our garden
- Planted carrot tops in water
- Made and ate Vegetarian Chili and carrot cake for dessert

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