Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little House in the Big Woods

For my oldest, along with the American Girl series, we are also slowly working our way through the Little House series.  Growing up, I LOVED this series, and am so excited to be able to go through it with my daughter!  We started with Little House in the Big Woods.

This book led itself to lots and lots of "rabbit trails," studying various aspects of the book.  We studied and ate venison, read the book "The Biography of a Grizzly,"  studied owls, researched rabies, studied maple syrup, researched various animal tracks, watched square dancing on youtube, looked into the different types of cheese and the process of making it, studied the nutritional value of honey, and studied the Gold Rush.

Activity-wise, we worked on food preservation via dehydration, canning, and freezing, made a corn cob doll, made butter, and dissected owl pellets.  I think the latter was perhaps her favorite activity for this book!!!

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  1. Very interesting. I think Shawn will still have to do any disecting.